The ribbon cutting for the UPS store

Local UPS Holds Ribbon Cutting for Renovations and New Management

This holiday season has already been so busy for so many people. The Black Friday rush, even though it has come and gone, is still lingering in the air and people are still rushing to their favorite department stores to find those must have holiday items. With all of the hustle and bustle, there are surely many packages that need to be created and shipped all across the country. Here in La-Grange, a national business has renovated their store and taken on new management. Even though this is a national chain, they operate as a small business and are dedicated to helping serve the local sector. That business is your local UPS store and this past Tuesday morning, November 28th, they held a Chamber ribbon cutting to signify their new changes.

Kevin and Julie Tudhope welcomed everyone into their storefront that Tuesday morning, conveniently located at 137B Commerce Avenue. Hailing from Opelika with their own UPS store, the Tudhopes purchased this new facility and have been in operation there for over one year. They have a new management team and have upgraded all of the printing hardware in the facility. This ribbon cutting signified their grand renovations and commitment to the citizens of LaGrange and Troup County.

Your local UPS store is set up to operate as an all around small business solution expert, ready to help any business owner at a moment’s notice. They specialize in notarizing, shipping, and printing essentially anything and everything that you could want. They also offer personal mailboxes for your private businesses, passport photos, secure shredding, and fingerprinting for back ground checks through a third party. With all of this, combined with your obvious packing and office supplies, UPS is the perfect solution for all of your small business needs.

The end of the year business boom for the La- Grange/Troup County Chamber of Commerce continues on into the Christmas season, with new business continuing to arrive and established businesses continuing to renovate and expand. 2018 is still set to be the biggest year of growth in the history of our community and the Chamber continues to grow to new heights each and every year.