Time Is Of The Essence For Sharks 10-Year-Old Swimmer

Twelve months ago Carlie Montgomery was a swimming rookie.

She was raw and untested in the pool. She was willing and searching as a swimmer. She was open to fresh ideas and was trying to get used to the idea of 2,000yard practices at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center. One year later the 10-yearold Montgomery is now cutting time, gaining confidence, and she is filling out in all the right swimming places. She is a lean, streamlined swimming machine.

Montgomery has come a long way with the Troup County Sharks in a dozen months.

“I’ve been working on the little things. I’ve been catching the right waves. My kick is getting hard and fast. I’m on pace,” said Montgomery.

Swimming with the Troup County Sharks is starting to make sense. Montgomery is developing some stamina, too, and she is nurturing her skills. She is also swimming 3,000 yards now at practice, having been moved up from the Sharks junior team to the senior squad.

“I’m getting better because of the coaches. I’m swimming fast, and we’re winning more meets. Not a lot of people choose swimming. You have to be powerful, and your dive has to be good. This is relaxing after school,” said Montgomery, the sixth-grader.

Social studies and math are her two favorite subjects at school, and swimming is now her sport of choice.

“The coaches tell me what I’m doing wrong, and I am trying to stay positive. It is fun because I am getting faster,” said Montgomery.

She is cutting time in most of her events, and Montgomery does give the Sharks a chance to win in a cavalacade of events, including the 50-yard freestyle (34.95 seconds), 100 freestyle (1:48.55), 50 backstroke (43.30 seconds) and 50yard breaststroke (52.28 seconds).

Montgomery is also making progress and waves with times of 1:40.68 in the 100-yard individual medley and 39.61 seconds in the 50 butterfly. “Carlie is mature (for her age) because she hangs around the older kids. She has a passion for swimming. She comes to every practice, and she is getting competitive,” said Sharks coach William Yin.