GA-AL AACA Raises $13,000 for Charitable Donations

The time of the year is upon us once again for the generosity of the Christmas season. People are buying gifts for family members of course, but people are also going out of their way to find ways to give back to those that are in need, especially during a difficult holiday season. One local group has been expanding tremendously in the past few years and has been using their huge annual event to raise a lot of money for charity. That club is the GA-AL AACA car club and this past Saturday, December 2nd the group donated over $13,000 to charity at their annual Christmas luncheon.

The Georgia/Alabama Region of the Antique Auto Club of America held their annual car show at the La-Grange Mall this past October and drew big numbers, as it always does. This year, there were 140 cars at the show, of which only 40 plus belonged to members. There were 133 sponsors and over $13,000 raised for two very important charities. This was a really great year for the club, with more cars entering overall and more funds being raised than ever before. Their new setting in front of the mall, at the spot where Ryan’s used to sit, did big favors for the club as well allowing more visibility from the road.

This year’s annual Christmas lunch was set at the Highland Country Club, with members taking over the parking lot with their vintage automobiles. After a delicious meal, it was time for the presentation of the checks. The club handed over a check in the amount of $6500 to Michele Bedingfield with Harmony House here in LaGrange. The other $6500 will be given to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. The club also discussed future meetings and new membership options for other that want to join.

The GA-AL AACA is the perfect example of a local club success story. From a club with humble beginnings to a large club that is able to make sizeable donations to worthy causes, this car club is comprised of people that not only love vintage cars, but that also have giving spirits. Their donations have continued to grow in size each and every year and the hope is that this will continue long into the future.

For more information on the club and membership, check them out on Facebook.