Newnan Fishermen Haul In 15 Stripers, Hybrids On West Point

It is all a matter of opinion.

Some outdoorsmen, fishermen in particular, have a different definition of success. Take the two fishermen from Newnan, who refused to give their names.

They thought they had a bad day on West Point Lake on Sunday. “We were striper fishing, and they were not on today,” said one angler. But he and his buddy still caught 15 stripers and hybrids in four hours worth of fishing. They reeled in stripers as big as six pounds. The two fishermen also hauled in some hybrids that weighed just under three pounds each. “We were using artificial (lures), and we had a chance of getting some big fish. We were fishing in 21 to 35 feet,” said one of the anglers. “We kept none of our fish. We like to catch-and-release. We like to let them get bigger.”

As for fisherman No. 2, he said, “It was good, but not great.”

Ron Lockhart of Ellenwood, Ga. also had a fishing pole in his hands on Sunday. He caught six crappie with live minnows and jigs out on West Point Lake.

“I know where to go, and I enjoy this lake. It is a fantastic lake. It is big, and you get to move around a lot. I am an outdoorsman,” said Lockhart. Mike Sellers and Ronnie Lee of LaGrange were also trying their luck with their live bait, but they didn’t like the results so much.

“We got zero, not one bite. But it did turn out to be a beautiful day. We were fishing in deep water (25 to 30 feet), and we had 65-pound test line,” said Sellers. “I’ve had some stripers break my line before (on West Point Lake).”

Lady angler Betty Henderson of LaGrange had an urge to fish as well. She started to catch some bream after her first hour and a half on the lake. Henderson was fishing on the bottom with live worms.

“It is peaceful out here, and the fishing does take patience. I’ve caught an 8pound largemouth bass out here, and catfish and crappie. West Point Lake is a good place to fish,” said Henderson.