Sentury Tire’s AvanTech Launches Industry-First Tire Subscription Service

Sentury Tire is bringing the industry a new concept – a tire subscription service called AvanTech.

Sentury Tire, a global advanced-technology tire manufacturer of automotive and aircraft tires, is set to build a $530 million tire manufacturing facility in LaGrange serving as its North American headquarters.

LaGrange along with the entire region will see the benefits of Sentury Tire with first access to a new concept in tire subscription service.

For a monthly subscription fee starting at $17.95, depending on your tires, AvanTech will provide customers with four new tires, professional installation, road hazard coverage, tire inspections, and service for as long as the customer is enrolled in the program.

In LaGrange, participants in this service will be working with Fryer’s Tires.

In Auburn, participants will work with University Tire and Auto. In Newnan, participants will work with Litz Tire. This service is only available in select Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina markets. Initially, there is a limited size range with plans to expand.

“AvanTech is an entirely new way for consumers to replace and maintain their vehicle’s tires,” said Rami Helminen, chief executive officer of AvanTech Tires. “Today’s consumers are no longer tied to just one screen or cable provider, so why should they still look at tire ownership the same way? We’re addressing the needs of a new generation of drivers who prefer an affordable, more convenient and hassle-free option that provides them with fresh, quality tires on an as-needed basis, along with peace of mind and zero hassles.”

To enroll customers simply visit www.AvanTech.Tires and choose one of Avan-Tech’s service points, their vehicle’s tire size and average yearly mileage. These selections determine the monthly subscription fee. Following enrollment, the AvanTech service point will contact the customer to schedule an installation date. Once the installation is complete, customers are required to have their tires inspected by the installer every five to seven months to check tread depth and air pressure. The service will also rotate the tires as needed. Once tires are worn to a minimum tread depth, AvanTech replaces the tires at no additional cost.

“AvanTech takes care of your tires so you don’t have to,” said Raimo Mansikkaoja, senior vice president of operations for AvanTech. “And in the case of an emergency, AvanTech offers roadside assistance and road hazard coverage, so there are no surprises or additional costs when the tires need repair or replacement.”

AvanTech offers tires in a range of sizes and styles to fit a variety of cars and SUVs, including popular touring and high performance tires. AvanTech has authorized a network of select service points located across to the Southeast.

Pictured from left to right: Sentury Tire Senior Vice President, Operations, and ICT Raimo Mansikkaoja, Sentury Tire CEO and Executive Vice President Rami Helminen, Sentury Tire Customer Service Manager Frank Kim, & Fryer’s Tire Owner Tracy Ward Learn more about Avan-Tech’s services or sign up at www.AvanTech.Tires. Find us on social: #AlwaysFresh Facebook: facebook. com/AvanTechTires Instagram: @AvanTechTires Twitter: @AvanTechTires YouTube: @AvanTechTires AvanTech Tires is the industry- first tire subscription service that provides consumers with quality AvanTech tires, professional installation, vehicle alignment checks, road hazard coverage and free tire inspections and service for the life of the subscription. AvanTech’s comprehensive buying solutions eliminate the hassle of tire shopping, price comparisons, maintenance and high up-front costs with a low monthly subscription. For more information, please visit www.avantech.tires. Media Contact: Rami Helminen, AvanTech Tires CEO, rami.helminen@sentury.ti res, Sentury Tire CEO and Executive Vice President Raimo Mansikkaoja, Avan-Tech Tires, raimo.mansikkaoja@ sentury. tires, Sentury Tire Senior Vice President, Operations, and ICT Tracy Ward, Fryer’s Tires Owner, (706) 8820033 To keep up with the latest news involving the City of LaGrange, go to www.lagrangega.org or follow us on Facebook at facebook. com/ lagrangegagov, Twitter at @lagrangegagov, & Instagram at instagram.com/cityoflagrangega