WellStar West Georgia Hospice Volunteers’ 28th Annual Poinsettia Sale

Orders for the WellStar West Georgia Hospice Volunteer’s 28th annual poinsettia sale began rushing in October 1st this year, and continued through early November. The team started delivering the poinsettias this past Monday. There was plenty to do as Hospice volunteers and volunteers from all around the community arrived at Garden Solutions ready to help. Some familiar faces were at the ready to lend a helping hand as well, such as Troup County Sherriff James Woodruff and some members of his staff, and Troup County Tax Commissioner Shane Frailey. 2,900 poinsettias needed to be unboxed, loaded up, and delivered to people by the car load to businesses all around LaGrange. Some of the Christmas flowers were even headed to recipients in Pine Mountain, West Point, and Hogansville as well.

Tammy Forbus, a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, said they were “so thankful for the community support”. It takes over 100 volunteers to deliver all the flowers and get everything done for this fundraiser, but it’s all for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds from the poinsettia sale benefit hospice patient care. This care includes patient needs such as any medicine, special equipment, and special services such as honoring final wishes. WellStar West Georgia Hospice is also not for profit. This means that when it comes to hospice care, they do not turn away patients that need assistance due to inability to pay like many for profit hospices sometimes do. Being a not for profit hospice also means that WellStar West Georgia Hospice relies on community support and volunteers.

WellStar West Georgia Hospice has a beautiful 16 bed hospice house where they take care of patients, but their care doesn’t stop there.Theyalsoprovide hospice care in patients’ own homes, nursing home facilities, and assisted living complexes so that patients can get the care they need in the places that they are most comfortable.

The poinsettia fundraiser takes place every year with orders starting in October. If you missed this year, make sure to order some of the beautiful Christmas flowers for you, your friends and family, or your office next year, as they make wonderful gifts and delivery is included in the price. You can also help out by donating, volunteering to deliver poinsettias, or help all year long by becoming a WellStar West Georgia Hospice volunteer.