LaGrange High Teacher Chase Wilson Helps Students Chase Their Dreams

LaGrange High School’s (LHS) Chase Wilson helps students chase success in his Geometry class and on the cross country team where he serves as head coach. As a 2012 graduate of the Granger Nation, he brings his personal experiences and love of sports into his efforts. “I like the opportunity to serve in a position that allows me to influence students and help them develop into better men and women,” said Wilson.

He sees the ultimate goal for each of his students is for them to be equipped with knowledge and experience that helps them make a positive impact on not only society, but the world. He believes they can do this socially, academically, and professionally.

While the first year Troup County School System (TCSS) teacher doesn’t claim to have all the answers for success, he does credit the work of his peers at LHS for the increased graduation rate and CCRPI scores the school has witnessed, “I think it speaks volumes to the work all of our teachers and administrators have put in. From my own experience in the math department, we work tirelessly on analyzing student success and making necessary adjustments to ensure student needs are met. I know departments all across the county are doing the same, and we are starting to see it pay off.”

He is glad to see the work paying off in the classroom, just like he relishes hard work paying off for his cross country athletes. Wilson says building relationships with students is important, “I have been in the shoes of a lot of my students so I try to instill some values in them by using my own experiences and mistakes so it is a guide for them and they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.”

Even though Wilson worked in another county before returning to his hometown, he chose to live and work here because he admits, “I’m a little bias. Troup County is home to me. I have been at two other schools outside of the county and I never felt like they compared to all the positive things our schools do for our students.”

He continued, ‘I’m from here, and it seems to me the teachers I had at La-Grange High growing up had much higher standards than other schools I previously worked at. I’m glad to be home so I can hold my students to those same high standards to help them succeed when they go into the workplace or college.”

As a sports lover, he approaches the game with the analytical mindset of a Geometry teacher, but says his feelings take over when the Atlanta Falcons or Atlanta Braves are playing. Otherwise, watching any sport consumes most of his time. He and his wife, Hanna, have been married for just over a year and enjoy spending time with their dog, Rocky.