Bellevue Hosts 2017 Christmas Tea Event

Bellevue was once again filled this weekend with the smells of delicacies and some piping hot tea. Yes Once again it was time for the ladies of the La-Grange Women’s Club to come together and celebrate the holidays with one another. This home, throughout all of her years, has never truly been empty. Her halls have always been filled with sound and her tables full with treats and drinks. This year proved to be no different, as the ladies of the house continue their efforts to give back and to help keep the old home up and running.

While Bellevue is more active than ever with the women’s club meetings, tours, and the occasional wedding, there is something so unique and special about Bellevue at Christmas time. Red bows are attached to her walls, there are snacks and drinks set out on each table, and all of the other delicate, touches make the house especially alive during these cold months. Even the act of Christmas tea itself is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years as a time of fellowship and camaraderie for all of those involved.

Bellevue was built in the early 1850’s and was established as a National Historic Landmark in 1973. It was built by Benjamin Harvey Hill and served as his family’s home for many, many years. Hill was both a US and Confederate Senator. The home served as a meeting place, a stronghold for the Confederacy, even being visited at times by President Jefferson Davis. After the Civil War, Hill returned home to Bellevue. Throughout the years and a few different families, the house was given to the LaGrange Women’s Club in the 50’s and has served as their headquarters ever since. This history has been well documented many times throughout the years and the efforts to keep the home in great shape continue on with each passing year.

Their service and love will remain on all of those that they have impacted, even long after Bellevue is gone. Let us all hope that both the LaGrange Women’s Club and historic Bellevue home are here to stay for a long, long time.