Snow Day in LaGrange

Many residents of Troup County were hoping for a snow day this past Friday, December 8th. While none of the schools let out and just a few flurries blew through amidst the sleet on Friday, LaGrange woke up on Saturday to a winter wonderland.

The southern tradition of rushing to the grocery store to grab carts full of water bottles, bread, and milk carried on after snow was forecasted this past week. Store shelves were nearly emptied once again in preparation for possible power outages.

Many people remember sledding down a half an inch of snow on a trash can lid because there’s no reason to own a sled this far south. The memories of scraping up enough snow to build a leaf and pine straw covered snowman also come to mind. These are LaGrange snow day staples, and many children who call this town home got to experience these for the first time. The last time snow covered the ground in Troup County was nearly three years ago, so many of the local little ones got to experience their first snow this past Saturday.

Snow days are so rare in Troup County, and with many businesses and roads closed down, they are the perfect excuse to stay home and spend time with family and friends. The snow began to melt Saturday afternoon, but the snow day memories will last a lifetime.