Shoplifting Suspect Charged with Battery of Police Officer

LaGrange Police have arrested a young woman on several charges after she allegedly violently fought to resist a simple shoplifting arrest. The female allegedly kneed one of the arresting officers in the groin several times and had to be practically dragged to the jail kicking and screaming over the minor arrest.

Monday night about 7:15 p.m., officers with the La-Grange Police Department responded to the Walmart on New Franklin Road in reference to a shoplifting suspect in custody who was being disorderly.

Police arrived and spoke with the loss prevention officer, who stated she observed the suspect, Ny’Asia McKee, conceal several items in her purse and attempt to leave without paying for the items. McKee was then confronted and escorted to the loss prevention office, where she reportedly became disorderly.

Officers say McKee stood up while they were speaking with store employees in a loud and intentional manner to interrupt the interview. McKee was then detained in handcuffs and due to her irate behavior.

McKee also gave police a false date of birth, which was different from the one she gave Walmart staff and the one later provided by her grandmother.

Officers asked if this information was correct, at which point she began to curse and say she wasn’t talking to police without a lawyer. McKee then stood up and went toward Walmart employees, cursing and demanding they call her grandmother. She then refused to calm down, despite being told she would face additional charges if she continued this behavior. McKee then allegedly threatened employees and police as she moved toward the store staff in a hostile manner. Police then took hold of McKee, but she struggled to get away. Officers then began to escort her to a patrol vehicle, but she continued to physically resist and kneed the arresting officer in the groin.

The officer then called for additional help and McKee got free after kneeing the officer in the groin a second time. The officer then drew a taser as McKee attempted to continue the fight, but she quickly became somewhat compliant upon being threatened with the weapon.

Additional officers the responded and attempted to reason with McKee and she initially agreed to walk to the patrol vehicle, but she later attempted to kick the second officer, so she was taken to the ground and placed in leg restraints.

McKee was then forced into the patrol vehicle where she continued to claw and scratch at the arresting officers and at one point attempted to head butt the second officer in the groin.

McKee was then transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office as she continued to kicking and scream about the situation.

As a result, McKee, age 17, was arrested and booked into the Troup County Jail where she was charged with Simple Battery on a Police Officer, Obstruction of Officers, and Theft by Shoplifting.