Sacco, Grandson “Exercise” Their Options on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

It was overcast, rainy, and cold outside.

Inside it was relaxing and therapeutic. Joe Sacco and his grandson, Titus Whiddon, found their way to the indoor swimming pool at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center on Sunday afternoon.

It was gloomy outside, but sunny inside, at least under the bright lights of the swimming pool.

“This is a good place to be. We’re exercising. We’re swimming, and we’re having fun,” said Sacco. “My grandson loves the water, and he has a blast in here. He is getting acclimated (to the pool). I come here five or six times a week.”

Swimming does make Sacco, now retired, feel young again.

“I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. We used to go to Coney Island, and I remember diving off the piers (as a kid). I also remember eating pistachio ice cream at Coney Island,” said Sacco.

You could almost say the Mike Daniel Recreation Center pool is Sacco’s new Coney Island. There are no piers, and they don’t sell ice cream there. But the aquatic center at the Mike Daniel facility is where new memories are being created for Sacco and his grandson.

“We’re bonding. There’s a lot of energy in here, and I’ve lost 27 pounds since I’ve been swimming here in the last four months,” said Sacco.

The Mike Daniel swimming pool is healthy. Whiddon, the grandson, likes it, too.

“I like playing in the pool, and I like swimming. I’m one of the fast ones, and I practice. I like swimming with my grandpa,” said the 4-year-old Whiddon of LaGrange.

During last weekend’s rainy Sunday, David Fuller also dodged the raindrops by swimming for a relaxing two hours inside at the recreation center pool. Fuller is a 17-year-old Troup High senior.

“I’m using my muscles, and I work out here about every other day. This is a fun environment. Even when it’s raining and cold (outside) you can have fun in here. This is exercise, and swimming isn’t hard on your joints. I’ve been swimming laps and meeting people,” said Fuller.

He didn’t seem to be getting tired either. Fuller has some swimming endurance.

“I’m just splashing around, and I like the freestyle,” said Fuller.