Local High School Students Receive DAR Good Citizen Award

With Christmas just around the corner, the spirit of good cheer and good deeds has descended upon LaGrange and Troup County. There are all sorts of incredible things happening around the community and people are finding the best in themselves, reaching out towards others and being the best Samaritans that they can be. This trait also manifests itself in our children, as many of our kids are also finding ways to be good, kind, and generous to one another. Recently, several high school students were presented with an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution, in their Good Citizen Program and Scholarship contest. This past Tuesday, December 19th these high school students gathered at Bellevue for a special meeting on the scholarship.

The DAR Good Citizens Program and Scholarship was created in the spirit of promoting young men and women to be excellent citizens. The students that are selected for the scholarship are expected to possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism, all qualities that make a strong, healthy citizen. Out of three finalists in each senior class, one is selected for the honor, as only one student from each school can be selected. Each applicant must submit a transcript and two letters of recommendations in addition to a timed essay. Students that are selected on a local level can then go on to compete on a state and perhaps national level for scholarship funds.

There were four outstanding seniors that were selected from different high schools across Troup County for the DAR award. From LaGrange High School, Stevie Hardigree was selected. The LaGrange Academy winner was Laurel Eva Genova, the Callaway High School winner was Ashley Juarez, and the Troup High School winner was Kerbi Alexandria Sewell. These girls, along with their parents, all attended the DAR meeting at Bellevue that afternoon where they were recognized for their accomplishments and now have the opportunity to try and advance to the state level, should they so choose.