Volleyball Game Highlights Callaway’s PBIS Celebration

The staff and administrators at Callaway High School (CHS) donned their volleyball shorts and shirts as they prepared to challenge the student team during the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) celebration. More than 400 students participated in the PBIS rewards program.

PBIS is a framework that utilizes data to measure behavior and provides incentives to encourage positive behavior. For CHS students to be eligible to participate in the day’s events, they had to meet the following criteria:

• Four or less absences for the semester.

• Passing all classes; based on a 13 ½ week progress report.

• No In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, or Bus Suspensions.

Jonathon Laney, CHS Principal said, “The students that were selected have shown good behavior and attendance. They have also exemplified the tenants of CHS – they have been courteous, capable and cooperative all school year. We like to reward those who do the right thing. We know not every student is a straight-A student. We encourage good behavior and good grades because we know these things will help them become successful in life.” The school’s faculty and staff donated 53 presents for special drawings. Student names were randomly selected throughout the day. Later, the winning students selected a gift from under the tree and had their photos taken. For students to participate in the volleyball game against the teachers, names were placed in a hat and randomly drawn.

Laney continued, “Today has been a great day of celebration. Everyone loved the activities and the program has really helped with improving student behavior and attendance. We’ve had a reduction in referrals this semester by 27 percent, our absences have decreased 34 percent and we’ve seen a 56 percent decrease in days of suspension compared to last semester.”

Dr. Jacqueline Jones, Student Services and Special Programs Director was in attendance at the ceremony taking pictures and cheering the students on during the volleyball game. She said, “The PBIS program is making a difference throughout the system in both attendance and referrals. The students and staff are have having a great time and I’m excited about the positive changes we are seeing at Callaway and other PBIS schools.”

In the end, the teachers pulled through as the winners of the game in their Too Legit to Hit specially designed t-shirts.

Earlier this year, All-Pro Chevrolet announced they will be gifting a new car to one lucky student at the end of the school year. The students who were a part of the PBIS celebration may be one of those to win this coveted vehicle.