Christmas in LaGrange: What it means to us

Christmas in LaGrange: What it means to us

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Jeremy Andrews

When you wake up to read this paper on Monday morning, Santa will have come and gone. You and your family will wake up just a little earlier than you would on a holiday, pile into the living room, and open gifts from old Saint Nick. Your mom will head to the kitchen where about 5 minutes later, you will smell bacon, eggs, and biscuits wafting through the air. That is my family’s Christmas tradition, and I’m sure that you all have your own. While there is no doubt how special Christmas is, these past few years, Christmas in LaGrange has taken on whole new meaning for me.

For my past two years here with Troup County News, I have seen a different side of Christmas. I have seen charities at work first hand. I have seen toy drives and Christmas dinners that people work on and prepare all night, with volunteers out and about delivering those meals. Two years ago, I saw devastating floods on Christmas and I saw a community pull together to help one another, with road crews working around the clock to repair broken streets. Christmas in LaGrange means so much more to me now and this year, I hope Christmas means more to you too.

Chandra Littlefield The Christmas season brings with it sights and sounds that are unlike any other season. Radio and television stations broadcast our favorite Christmas shows, movies, and songs. Twinkling lights and holiday decorations are pretty much everywhere you go making our city and county even more picturesque. It brings the possibility of snow. However unlikely the odds for snow are, we still hope for the beauty and fun of the magical dust. Christmas brings back traditions and has many opportunities to start new ones. My traditions include decorating the tree with my children, watching all of the classic Christmas movies on T.V., baking cookies for Santa, and riding the merry-go-round in Valley,AL. My grandparents took my mother and her siblings there, she took me and my siblings, and now we take our own children.

With Christmas comes chaos and stress as well. The anguish of finding the right gift for everyone that you hold dear and planning get-togethers around multiple other events. It seems like time is cut in half and tasks double. Even in the hustle and bustle this time of year brings it reminds me to slow down, look around at my many blessings, and to savor each tiny moment I get to spend with my family and friends. We don’t always get time together and Christmas gives us all the perfect chance to reconnect. My favorite part about Christmas is celebrating the real reason for it with the people I cherish the most.

Robyn Henderson

Christmas and the Christmas season means vastly different things to different people. For some, it’s a time of wonderment, for people to come together and celebrate. For others, it’s a difficult time of year, maybe due to the loss of a loved one or the financial burden that the holiday can be. Regardless, Christmas affects everyone.

To me, Christmas means spending time making sure the house is clean, putting lights on fake Christmas trees, and lighting pine and pumpkin candles, transforming a house or an apartment into a winter wonderland. Lights go up around La-Grange, the familiar angels, bells, and snowflakes create a festive border on Lafayette Parkway. The horse and carriage trots around town, and La-Grange’s little mall is busier than ever. As a child, Fantasy in Lights was my favorite trip, freezing in the trolley or warm in my mom’s old minivan. As an adult, the Christmases I’ve spent away from La-Grange made me long for its small town charm and its never-changing holiday feel.

Growing up, leaving for college, and leaving for work, I always want to come back to LaGrange for Christmas time. The place where you grew up feels like home, and no season in LaGrange feels more homey than the holidays.

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Merry Christmas

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