City Council Discusses Greenville Street Bridge and Animal Adoption

The City Council gathered together this past Thursday night, December 21st, for a pre-Christmas meeting where they would discuss many different happenings in and around the community. There was a special guest on hand that night. Mayor Martin, a fourth grader participating as Mayor for the Day where he traveled all across the city, visited different places, and learned the responsibilities of the mayor, sat next to Mayor Thornton at the meeting. Mayor Martin, Mayor Jim Thornton, and the rest of the City Council had much to discuss at that nights meeting, including a discussion on the Greenville Street Bridge.

After a long period of working on terms, there seems to finally be an agreement between the DOT and the CSX railroad on the construction of the new Greenville Street Bridge. The bridge has been closed for a few years after being deemed unsafe for travel. With these new terms and developments, the bridge is now scheduled for construction in the spring of 2018, with an estimated cost of around 2 million dollars funded by GDOT. The city’s role in this process will be simple maintenance and upkeep of the bridge.

The next item on the agenda was the 2nd reading of Modifying Procedures for Adoption of Animals. This would give the City Manager the ability to waive adoption fees for animals in certain situations. There was some discussion on this from the Director of the Humane Society, stating that the adoption fee for a spayed and neutered pet is only $18.50. She stated that if an individual could not afford this fee, then the odds are that they could not afford to sustain the pet full time. The Director also discussed the charity that was already in place to give food to people who fall on hard times. The City Manager cleared up some of the worry, stating that this a limited act that will only be utilized at certain times. The motion carried. The Mayor and Council discussed a few other things such as continuing their current probation services agreement, and some board appointments, including the placing of City Councilman Mark Mitchell on the board of Parks and Rec, a seat that will be vacated by retiring City Councilman Nick Woodson. The City will host their next meeting on Tuesday, January 9th with their wave of new city councilors joining the mix.