City Councilors watch a presentation about the new skate park

LaGrange City Council Discusses Plans for New Skate Park

The LaGrange City Council held its weekly work session this past Thursday, December 21st. The session began with discussion of items to be gone over later that night at the weekly meeting, but there was also an item of new business that was of great interest to the Council members and to residents of LaGrange.

For quite some time now, local kids have been using parking garages, outdoor staircases, and other generally unsafe, high-traffic areas to practice their skateboarding. With few options for “street skating” other than public property where skating could be deemed dangerous, the City decided to step in.

With the Callaway Foundation already planning to house several recreational areas off the new Bull Street, it seems the perfect place for an outdoor skate park would be in the same area. City Planner, Leigh Threadgill partnered with some of LaGrange’s local skateboarders to receive feedback and to make sure that this skate park is something that will be utilized and enjoyed.

Sitting on three quarters of an acre across from the new Wild Leap Brewery, the new skate park will not only be an activity for La-Grange youth, but will also attract visitors from surrounding cities as well. Ramps, rails, stairs, and other features many skateboarders utilize already in the downtown area, will now be safely housed at the new facility. Not only just for skateboarders, any skating, scooters, or BMX bikes are also welcome in the complex. The plaza style park will please those who don’t participate in these activities as well. With LaGrange’s trail system, The Thread, planned to wrap around the park, plenty of benches and seating, and green space to use for recreation as well, this new complex has something for everyone. Threadgill referred to the park as “a public flex place”. The ideal location for the skate park will also bring with it more customers to the local stores and restaurants on Bull Street and the downtown area.

This skate park will be the perfect size for our community with 15,000 square feet of skating space. The construction was already budgeted to be paid for with the current SPLOST, but Leigh Threadgill plans to apply for the Tony Hawk Grant to further offset some of the $750,000 cost. The City is anticipating that construction should begin in the spring of 2018 with hopeful completion by the summer of 2018.