Mayor Martin, Local Children Are First to Ride Bikes on the New Segment of the Thread

This past Thursday afternoon, December 21st, was a very educational day for some of our children here in LaGrange. There is no doubt that being the mayor is hard. It is a difficult task full of meetings, ordinances, and all sorts of obligations. So this past Thursday, Mayor Jim Thornton handed the reins off to Mayor Martin, a fourth grader here in the community that got to experience firsthand what it means to be the mayor. While visiting City Hall, the LaGrange Police Department, Great Wolf Lodge, and the La-Grange Fire Department, Mayor Martin had one other obligation. That afternoon, the new mayor and several members of the city staff headed over to the new segment of the Thread for a fun ceremony and a big surprise.

When Mayor Martin and the staff arrived at the Thread that afternoon, in addition to the brand new bridge that had just been installed, there were a couple of surprises waiting. Four brand new bikes were there and the story behind those bikes is very interesting. As the new Mayor, Mayor Martin was gifted a bike from his family. However, the other three bikes were for Madison Allen, Donquavious Cotton, and Ronquavious Cotton, three local children who live right off the new section of the Thread. Mayor Martin and the other children hopped on their bikes and took off down the Thread, the first cyclists to do so on this new segment. Out of these other three bikes, two were provided by Lewallen Construction and the other bike was donated by the Friends of the Thread.

These events all coincided with Mayor Martin’s Mayor for the Day activities, an item that was put up for auction at the La-Grange-Troup County Humane Society Auction by Mayor Jim Thornton. Mayor Martin was able to get a firsthand account of what it is like to be the mayor here in LaGrange, even presiding over the city council meeting that night. His adventures at the Thread mark a significant time in the projects history, with the installation of the new bridge and the continued work on this new segment. At the end of the day, several local children went home happy, brand new bikes in hand the Thread continues to make a big impact on the lives of citizens in LaGrange.