Troup County News’s Staff Takes on Life, LaGrange, and Everything in Between in New Weekly Columns

Welcome to the first column here at Troup County News. These columns sprang forth out of an idea to create something new, something different in our paper where I, along with my team of excellent writers, take turns in producing works about any and everything under the sun, be it from lifestyle, entertainment, health and well being, technology, and a plethora of other topics. We will also be reaching out, trying to find the stories of the incredible men and women that live in this community as well as some of the interesting fact that make La-Grange and Troup County the places that we all love so dearly. For this week’s run of papers, you will be introduced to me along with two of our other writers as we tell you who we are and what you can expect from this new venture.

My name is Jeremy Andrews. Many of you in the community may already know me from the various events I have covered over my two years at the paper. For 26 years, LaGrange has been my home. All of the moments of my life, good and bad, grace and grief, have been right here in these streets and behind these walls. After graduating from Lafayette Christian School in 2010, I went on to earn my Bachelor’s in English-Creative Writing from Columbus State University. I have been with Troup County News for just over two years and during the course of this job, I have met some of the most amazing people that have truly impacted my life. That is why it is important for me and our other staff writers to bring you a column where we can share with you some of our community’s best kept secrets, amazing stories, and tell the tales of unsung heroes that live among us each and every day.

The focus of my column will be twofold. The first focus that some of my columns will take will be the aforementioned La-Grange life. I want to hear your stories, from big to small, and share these stories with the community. We have a truly special town and as such, we should share these stories with others and grow our network of friendship, all the while promoting each other and what makes the unique hometown that so many people love. Secondly, from time to time I will share my thoughts with you on various aspects of entertainment and culture. I am a huge nerd, as those of you that follow my movie reviews can tell. I love the world of comics, movies, video games, and technology and I would love to share some of my thoughts with you on these from time to time. So if any of you have stories for me or any of our other staff writers, please share these with us. This paper is nothing without the citizens of La-Grange and Troup County and we look forward to promoting these citizens in any way that we can. So with that, welcome to one of the new columns here at Troup County News.

For any story suggestions or comments please email the author at andrews_ jeremy@ troupcountynews. net