Largemouth Bass Tease The Fishermen On A Frosty Christmas

Rubber worms and every other flavor of artificial lures were on the menu.

Tim Pruitt and the other anglers tried just about everything that they knew in order to entice the largemouth bass. It was nippy on Christmas Eve on West Point Lake. It wasn’t snowing, but it was cold enough to freeze an ice cream sandwich.

All that Pruitt, the La- Grange fisherman, wanted was a tug on the end of his fishing line. He wouldn’t have even minded a spotted bass, if not a largemouth.

But both held their tongues and their hearty holiday appetites.

“I didn’t get a bite, and that is unusual,” said Pruitt.

He fished for six hours on the bass-loving lake.

Pruitt casted.

He reeled.

He prayed and still no fish. Pruitt even tried a number of different fishing locales on and off West Point Lake. Wolf Creek was on his fishing agenda. The bass would not touch Pruitt’s bait.

After all it was Christmas Eve. The West Point Lake fish did not go for shad, or any other live bait. The bass weren’t about to bite into any fake bait either.

What the largemouth and spotted bass wanted was turkey, and dressing, green beans, corn, homemade rolls with hot melting butter, and either iced tea or hot chocolate.

And naturally for dessert the bass wanted either pecan pie, pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie with whipped cream. After that, everyone on the lake, the fish included, wanted to hear some Christmas carols.

Now that was a complete day for the bass without winding up in somebody’s frying pan. The cocktail sauce would have been extra. Even the fishermen, Tim Pruitt, too, still enjoyed Christmas Eve with no catches of the bass kind.

“This beats sitting around at home. It was pretty nice out there. It did get windy, but I enjoyed the peace and quiet,” said Pruitt.

In the meantime his eyes were glued to the sky in hopes of seeing Santa Claus and his reindeer on their journey to deliver some toys to some deserving boys and girls. And don’t forget about the reindeer – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. They were in a hurry.

Rudolph was in the viscinity, too. He didn’t catch any bass either on Christmas Eve on West Point Lake. But there is always tomorrow. Tim Pruitt did reel in a largemouth bass the day before Christmas Eve.