Catch 20: Wilkie, Ivie Clean Up With Almost Two Dozen Spotted Bass

It only took two.

Justin Wilkie and Heath Ivie combined their fishing talents and pulled in 20 spotted bass on Tuesday on West Point Lake. Not one fish was caught with live bait.

All 20 spotted bass were caught on artificial lures. The bass weighed as much as 2.5 pounds.

“The fishing is excellent, and we tend to know where they are. The water temperature was 50 degrees today, and we come out here once a month,” said Wilkie.

He and Ivie were fishing deep, and catching them deep. The fishermen were catching bass in water between 30 and 40 feet. Ivie had a bass of a time, too.

“This is a nice lake, and we had some luck. We were targeting spotted bass,” said Ivie. He and Wilkie fished for six hours on West Point Lake. Nick Franks of Sharpsburg was reeling and pausing, too. But he came up empty. Franks caught no largemouth or spotted bass on Tuesday afternoon in four hours of fishing.

“I usually catch them on the rocky points, but it was really slow for me today. The water was muddy, and I was fishing shallow. You never know. You either tear them up or catch nothing at all,” said Franks.

Back in November in the Georgia State Bass Fishing Championship out of La-Grange, Franks and Chris Cofty of Montgomery, Ala. hooked up 15 fish and almost 18 pounds of bass in two days.

“If you can find the bait fish the bass won’t be too far away,” said Franks, who is willing to take the good with the bad when it comes to fishing on West Point Lake.

Franks still enjoys every fishing expedition on the lake.

“I’ve been coming here since I was 12 years old. I’ve seen deer, ducks and a lot of osprey on this lake. This is a beautiful lake, and you can catch some big spots on the lower end,” said Franks.

He spends the night on West Point Lake, too, now and then.

“I have a houseboat out here (at Highland Marina), and I fish in a lot of tournaments. This is a challenging lake. The fish are always doing something different,” said Franks.