Troup County Board of Commissioners Holds Weekly Meeting

The Troup County Board of Commissioners welcomed in 2018 at their weekly meeting Tuesday, January 2nd. This was the first meeting of the New Year, and the beginning of the second half of the fiscal year. This came with a few changes, as it was time to appoint a new member of the Board of Assessors and to consider qualifying fees, which is something the Board is required to do every year before February.

There were several items on the agenda. Consideration was given to the Parks and Recreation department’s request to lift the hiring freeze so they could add two full time positions to their ranks. A request was also made to apply for a Mental Health Court Supplemental Grant and Match. Mental Health Court links offenders who would normally be headed to prison to community treatment. This grant would be at no extra cost to the County and would affect both Troup and Carroll counties. The motion to apply for this grant passed unanimously. The next item on the agenda was to consider Qualifying Fees. These fees include the Magistrate, Board of Education, and the County Commissioners. This is something that happens annually and must take place before February. As such, this motion passed unanimously as well.

The final item on the agenda that morning was discussing a special use permit for Cliff King at 9056 Hamilton Road. King has a small equipment repair shop in the backyard of his home for personal use. He is hoping to expand this to become more of a business venture. As most of the repairs on the equipment he works with take place on site wherever the machinery is, there is not a lot of traffic to the actual repair shop location, and the equipment he is able to repair under this special use permit is only small equipment and not heavy machinery, no one complained or spoke against this rezoning. Because no one spoke against the rezoning, and because this business passed the scrutiny test all rezoning permits must undergo, the Board of Commissioners approved this rezoning unanimously.

The Troup County Board of Commissioners meets every Tuesday at 9:00am.