Fish Are Biting, But Anglers Aren’t Catching

So much for the stripers on West Point Lake.

They were biting alright, but they refused to be caught on a frosty Sunday afternoon that was more suited for ice fishing. Very few anglers caught stripers or anything else in the 43-degree climate.

“It was so cold,” said 13-year-old fisherman Trayton Gay.

He was trying his weekend luck with Houston and Dennis Gaddy of LaGrange. They fished for two hours, and they felt like icecubes afterwards.

“It was windy and all, but we got a good many bites,” said youth angler Houston Gaddy.

His father had the best chance for a fleshy fish on this afternoon.

“I had one on, and it could have been a striper,” said Dennis Gaddy. “We were fishing with Rat-LTraps and jigs (all lures).”

The three fishing amigos were only getting colder by the cast and the gust of wind. It was whipping around between 15 and 20 mph. Trayton Gay and the Gaddys caught nothing but a slightly good time and some sniffles.

Tommy Murray of Paulding County was present and fishing on the lake as well.

“We usually catch a bunch of fish (on West Point Lake). We catch bass and crappie. But we wanted to try something different today,” Murray said.

He and his two fishing friends got something very out of the ordinary.

“We were using shiners and trying to catch stripers. We got a few bites, but we had a rough day. Our boat broke down. We had to send for some parts, and we caught no fish,” said Murray.

And it could have been worse for Murray, David Matthews and Aubrey Everett. They did get back to the dock safely, but minus any of the rotund stripers from West Point Lake.

“It was cold and windy, but it is all about the (adrenaline) rush. The fish were running deep, and the wind made it hard, blowing the boat around,” said Matthews. “We were trying to stay in the channel.”

He, and Murray and Everett were also trying to hook up anything, striper, bass or crappie. That didn’t quite come to be.

“The water temperature was 42 degrees. We need to get out of the cold and get something to eat,” said Everett.

Tommy Murray was glad they gave it a bone-chilling three hours on the lake.

“We had a good time. This was better than sitting at home,” said Murray.