Candidate Hopefuls Speak at Republican Party Meeting

After an absence for Christmas and New Years, The Republican Party and the Republican women returned to action this month, preparing for a full and action packed 2018. The group had a busy 2017, winning big on the local, state, and national levels. They look to continue their momentum this year. Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle has already announced his bid for the Governor’s seat in this upcoming election and now there are several republicans that are looking to move up into more prominent roles on the state level. Three of those hopefuls were at the meeting that day to speak towards their runs and give the republicans an even stronger year than the previous one.

The first speaker that day was Tricia Pridemore who is running for a seat on the Public Service Commission of Georgia. Pridemore is an entrepreneur out of Marietta, Georgia that has long been active in the Republican Party. She has recently served in other roles in state government and wants to become someone who is vigilant and sharp on the board, joining a board of individuals that have this same goal. “I want to represent the rate payer and the consumer and make sure that we are always able to get the best value for the best quality product through our utilities.” The Public Service Commission of Georgia is a board that monitors and helps maintain prices over telecommunications, natural gases, electricity. Pridemore will run for the vacant seat that is left open by the retiring Chairman Stan Wise.

Another speaker was Vance Smith who is running for the State House of Representatives, for the seat that will be left open by John Pezold who has decided not to run again. Smith was previously a Harris County Republican legislator and also served as the Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner. As a matter of fact, he previously held this same position that he will now seek re-election for. John Pezold who has served in this role since 2012 decided that he would not seek re-election after this 2017 term, leaving the door open for Smith to try and make a political comeback. Smith is excited for a chance to return to this stage and is anxious to represent the voters. “Avoice in Atlanta for our community is very important. To be able to listen to people, hear their comments, hear your concerns, and take that message up to the leadership, I think that’s what representing is all about.”

Senator Josh McKoon, representing District 29, was the last speaker of the day and was there to state some key portions of his platform as he prepares to run for the Secretary of State. “I’m running for Secretary of State to make Georgia the fastest state in the nation to get a job and the toughest state in the nation to cast an illegal vote.” McKoon spoke at length on these two issues, citing several instances where the voting system has not worked, specifically with the way the state handles absentee ballot votes. McKoon has served in his current role in the senate since first being elected to that position in 2010 and has been very active on the local scene, always playing apart in various functions around LaGrange and Troup County.

The Republican Primary will take place this year on May 22nd, with the General Election taking place in November.