Kiwanis Donates Scholarship Money to West Georgia Tech

It’s almost the time again for the first of the year academic push, with students trying to power through into their summer. All around the country, colleges and universities will be preparing to open their doors for spring semester, with college students pouring back into their halls. However for some, this can be a difficult time with finances, scheduling, or rearranging life in general to accommodate for education. Fortunately, one local civic club has partnered with one of our community’s premier educational institutes, West Georgia Technical College, to donate some funds for scholarships, keeping with their goal of helping out the youth in any way that they can.

Many Kiwanians attended the Thursday, January 11th meeting for the check presentation and a general presentation on West Georgia Tech. The speaker that day was Kim Learnard, the Vice President of Institutional Advancement for WGT, who would speak of the schools various scholarships and fundraising efforts to keep as many kids in their school as they can. Earlier last year, the Kiwanis Club held their annual clay shoot, a fundraising effort where they had set aside certain funds to donate specifically for this purpose. On that Thursday, it was finally time for the presentation of the $2,500 check to be used for various scholarship needs.

West Georgia Technical College is one of 22 colleges in the technical college system of Georgia. It is a two year school, giving people the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in various practices and studies. The focuses of these degrees lean towards the technical fields. They have been working recently with the HOPE career grant, an initiative by the Governor to help secure funding for students that are seeking degrees in the technical field. WGT uses various methods to help get students into college in affordable ways, taking place in dual enrollment with high school seniors and offering free GED test prep programs. Learnard would also speak on the various efforts and programs the school hosts to make sure that their students can afford to stay in college and earn a degree.

In the nation right now, there is a high demand for people with degrees in a technical field. Manufacturing and industrial work has evolved completely in the past decades, with robotics and engineering leading the way into the future. In fact, most of the high paying jobs of the day fall into these categories. Helping students that need financial backing is so important, not only to them but for the continued growth of our community and our country at large. Partnerships between local, private clubs, and organizations with the educational system is a key way to work together to achieve our goals for a better tomorrow.