McManus Catches A Good Time, Along With Five Largemouth, Spots

After six days of hard work, Larry McManus deserved one day of pleasure.

He got it on West Point Lake on Sunday. McManus is a fisherman and a thrillseeker. He always heads to the boat ramp on the weekend, any weekend.

McManus is looking to wind down and catch on. He is one of those anglers who can catch fish under any conditions. It was 37 degrees on this particular day, and McManus still caught five largemouth and spotted bass.

He is a high percentage angler.

“I had six bites, and I caught five fish,” said Mc-Manus. “I was using Crankbaits, Rat-L-Traps and (artificial) worms. I used a variety. The wind wasn’t blowing, but it was cold.”

And he still wanted to be out on the lake. Mc-Manus was catching some serenity and some 2.5pound bass.

“I enjoy the outdoors, and I was getting away from home. Nothing beats being on the water,” said Mc-Manus.

He was catching bass in water ranging from three to 15 feet. The water temperature was holding true at 41. And McManus still got the fish to bite.

He does have his ways. Nobody can bend a fishing pole like McManus and his West Point Lake bass.

“The lake has its good days and bad days. But catching a fish is like winning. It’s like scoring in a game,” said McManus.

Not only is he a fisherman and an outdoorsman, McManus is also a conservationist. He always releases his fish – in the lake and not out on the grill.

Tim Brooks and Dusty Thomas of LaGrange also spent Sunday out on West Point Lake. But Thomas and Brooks caught neither largemouth or spotted bass.

“We used Crankbaits and worms, and we didn’t get a bite,” said Thomas.

If nothing else, this was practice for Thomas and Brooks. The lake taught them a fishing lesson. Painful, yes, but a lesson.

“We were trying to figure something out. We have a tournament coming up. We need to go back to the drawing board,” said Brooks.

He and Thomas were fishing in relatively deep water at 12 feet.