Reel 30 Bass Trail Is Still Growing Three Years Later

It is there for a purpose. The Reel 30 Bass Trail is a homemade club and a fixture when it comes to fishing in LaGrange, West Georgia and even North Georgia. This is a club that is going places.

Some of the best fishermen in Georgia are cardcarrying members of the club. Those bass fishing fanatics include Richard Williams, Sean Bishop, Dennis Gaddy, Roger Hendrix and Toby Reeves. Larry McManus is the president and mastermind behind the club, which has members from LaGrange, Newnan, Sharpsburg, Phenix City, Ala., Columbus and Atlanta.

McManus formed this fishing association three years ago. The club is growing, too. McManus has added new members every year. The club has gone from 20 anglers to a club membership of 45.

“We are by invitationonly,” said McManus.

This is a ‘good guy’ club and more. Not just anybody gets in. The club has always searched for good citizens, great anglers and people who like to have a good time on the back deck of a bass boat.

“We’re friends and competitive fishermen. We love it. This club is for recreation and fishing. We did raise $1,700 for the Children’s Miracle Network last year,” said Mc-Manus.

The club was looking for a change. The first Reel 30 Bass Trail Tournament of 2018 is set for this Sunday on West Point Lake. The weigh in will get underway at Highland Marina at 3 p.m.

McManus and the club will have 13 tournaments this year, and six of them will be out of Highland Marina.