Brown Is A Persistent Nine Year Old; Swimming Is Her Passion, She’s A Shark

Caroline Brown is not one thing. She is many.

But most of all, she is a competitor in real life, and it doesn’t get more authentic than swimming laps three to four days a week for the Troup County Sharks. Brown, just nine years old, knows where all of this is leading.

She doesn’t stop to rest. She’s a finisher. Brown is a racer, and behind her smile is a girl who loves to win.

“I swim down and back. I get in the water every day, and I know how to do the breaststroke. I can do the freestyle and backstroke. I go to the meets. I’m a 10,” said Brown.

She has been a Sharks swimmer since last August. She is still getting used to that idea, along with the tiring practices at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center. “I get kind of nervous sometimes, but that goes away when I jump into the water,” said Brown.

Her mother, Katie Brown, can see a countless number of benefits for her daughter as a newly-devoted swimmer for the Sharks.

“She is getting exercise. She is competing, and Caroline is getting motivated. Swimming gives her some goals,” said Katie Brown.

Ada Pirrman has located her swimming motivation, too. Pirrman is 10 years old, and she has been a Sharks swimmer for nearly two years. And she isn’t quitting despite the daunting workload at practice. “I do my dives. I’m learning how to do the flipturn. I love the water, and I can use some more practice,” said Pirrman.

On the more experienced side, Genna Rochedieu is a veteran of three swimming seasons for the Sharks. It has been time well invested for Rochedieu, who is nine years old. She embraces every lap and every meet. The girl has ribbons and plenty of competitive energy. Rochedieu looks like she is at home on the starting block.

“I do this for fun. I’m improving my breaststroke, and I like the freestyle and butterfly. You just have to try,” said Rochedieu.