Chick-fil-a to Host Daddy Daughter Date Night This Thursday

There are many moments and memories that families make throughout the course of their lives. Family trips, Christmas mornings, and special events form the fabric of our childhoods and we grow together as families. Coming up this week, there will be an opportunity to make another special moment for fathers and daughters as one local restaurant will hold a special event for a night. Your local Chick-fil-a on Commerce Avenue is planning a daddy daughter date night this upcoming Thursday night.

This upcoming Thursday night, January 25th, will be the Chick-fil-a Daddy Daughter Date Night at Del’Avant in beautiful downtown La-Grange. The event will run from 6 to 8 that night. This is the 5th annual date night with dinner, dancing, and conversation for fathers and their girls. Tickets can be purchased online for this special event. The Chickfil- a Daddy Daughter Date Night has become an incredible event across the country with many people getting in on the fun.