The Sock Hops Return for Troup High Alumni Show

Songs from the past simply rock, and they rock hard, a classic, 50’s style brand of rock n roll. There were songs that were played when young love and romance were in the air. Polka dot sun dresses and black leather jackets crammed into brightly lit shake shops and into the back of Cadillacs. It was a simpler time when the world made sense and that is why so much of pop culture still reminds us of it with movies like Grease and other songs, plays, and television. For those involved with the alumni department at Troup High, they are gearing up for their annual event to pay homage to this era when the Sock Hops return to the stage once again.

Next month, February 24th to be exact, the Sock Hops are set to return to concert at Troup High School in support of the alumni association. The association will welcome back Courtney Oliver, Ward Hiss, Scott Cruce and Jim Mitchell as they take the stage and sing the most popular and wellloved songs from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Sha Na Na, The Drifters, and other fan favorite bands will be in the lineup, and their performance of The Lion Sleeps Tonight is not to be missed. This band plays all across the state and no one leaves their show disappointed.

The concert on the 24th will begin at 7 pm that night. Advanced tickets to the show are $15 dollars apiece. You can purchase tickets at Troup High School, LaGrange Toyota, and United Rental here in town. So if you’re a fan of that smooth classic rock sound and are looking to reconnect with some old friends, make sure to head out to the Sock Hops in concert next month.