Kia of LaGrange Donates to Tyler McCoy’s Behind the Mask Campaign

The time is nearly upon us for another magical evening here in LaGrange and Troup County. All of the glitz and glamour of a Mardi Gras season is finally here and with it comes a spirit of generosity and caring in new and exciting levels. That is what people can expect from the 2018 Behind the Mask event, a benefit that goes to help sponsor Twin Cedars, one of our community’s most important organizations. The men and women running for royal court have been out campaigning and raising large sums for the benefit. This past Tuesday morning, January 23rd, Tyler McCoy, one of the front runners of the contest, received yet another charitable donation form Kia of LaGrange, officially pushing him over the $20,000 mark, a new record for the contest.

That Tuesday morning, several people gathered together at the Kia of La-Grange dealership for an exciting check presentation. Representatives from Kia, Twin Cedars, and many other were on hand for this special presentation. The check donated from Kia was in the amount of $1,350, enough to push Tyler over the $20,000 dollar mark. This is another company that has made a donation, as many have stepped up to the plate in their charitable giving for the season. In fact, people have been making huge donations to all of the candidates for this year’s court. In addition to Kia making this donation to Tyler, the employees of Kia also stepped up as well, including a significant donation from a private friend of Kia.

Lynne Taylor of Twin Cedars spoke to Troup County News about the donations from this year’s court and the community involvement that goes along with it. Taylor stated that the funding that Twin Cedars receives will go on to make a difference in the lives of the children and families that they serve and will help provide many resources. This event also helps provide insight to the community on what Twin Cedars is all about. Taylor would go on to say that over the last six years, the community has show tremendous support and that the candidates each and every year give 150% of what they have into their candidacy. All of the funds raised in this event stay local as well.

For those not familiar, Twin Cedars, based in La-Grange, Macon, Columbus, and East Alabama, is a group that works in youth and family services. They bring together members of a community with their program to provide a large range of services that many young ones are in desperate need of. Some of their programs include child advocacy programs, working with CASA, foster care programs, prevention programs, and many others all aimed at helping young people and their families become healthy and active. Every day they strive to achieve their mission statement of “empowering children, youth, and families to achieve optimum potential.”

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