New Horizon Community Theater Dedicates Auditorium to Longtime Member Susie Lanier

Theater and art are an essential part of our lives. Each and every day, we find solace and a break from our troubles in the screen of a TV, the pages of a book, the lyrics of a song, and many other forms of entertainment. We are constantly surrounded by it and in some ways, we dedicate our lives to it. Some even take their love further, finding ways to the stage and performing for a crowd, a practice as old as time. From Shakespeare all the way to modern Broadway, theater continually changes but what remains the same is the dedication of actors to their craft. This love and dedication was on full display this past Friday night, January 19th, at the New Horizon Community Theater in downtown West Point as they dedicated their auditorium to Susie Lanier.

That Friday night at NHCT, the auditorium was packed with guests and patrons of the theater excited to see the dedication of the theater. They spoke with one another and celebrated together before moving into the auditorium for the presentation. Bill Nixon, the Managing Artistic Director for NHTC, took the stage and shared this story of an incredible woman, a women who had been a part of theater since its inception. Over the years, Susie worked tirelessly to help the theater, working, cleaning, donating, and even joining the board in recent years. In fact, her name has been on every program since the opening of the theater. Even though Susie recently passed away, her family and friends were there that night and unveiled the plaque in her honor, a plaque that will hang in the entrance of the auditorium from here on out.

Since 1986, NHCT has been an integral force of live theater and has given downtown West Point a destination not to be missed. Opening its doors more than 30 years ago, the theater is now entering its 33rd season, with new incredible shows each and every year. In fact, their new shows are coming up quickly, with The Nerd playing February 15-17 and Legally Blonde the Musical showing from April 12-14. There will also be a performing arts camp on June 18-23 for the summer. This theater is a must visit destination not just for the citizens of West Point, but for anyone across the community and beyond that loves the treasures that live theater provides. As we watch and get lost in the performance, we must never forget the tireless work of people like Susie who makes the show keep on going.

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