Tournament Angler, Hurston, Catches And Releases 6-Pound Hybrid

He only wishes that he could have weighed it in.

Tournament fisherman Reid Hurston caught and released a 6-pound hybrid on Sunday on the Reel 30 Bass Trail. But hybrids were not eligible to be weighed in at Highland Marina Resort.

In that case, Hurston released his hybrid on West Point Lake. That was by far the biggest fish that was caught in the tournament, even if it was ineligible. That was some bad luck for Hurston.

“I had three bites all day, including the 6-pound hybrid. I also caught a largemouth (bass),” said Hurston.

His largemouth weighed in at just less than two pounds. Thirty-five anglers tried to catch fish in the tournament. Many failed.

“Almost half didn’t catch anything,” said tournament director Larry McManus.

Wayne Norred of Grantville did catch two bass, and he was thankful for that. Norred took one spotted bass and one largemouth bass. They were not world record catches.

But they were fish of the West Point Lake kind. Norred weighed in 4.4 pounds of fish and placed fourth in the tournament.

“I was fishing slow and patient. I was using a Carolina Rig in eight feet. The water was 40 something degrees,” said Norred.

LaGrange fisherman Buddy Whitley had one good bite and one fairly nice fish. Whitley’s tournament total included a 3pound largemouth bass.

“I got two bites, but I knew it was going to be tough. The fishing is going to get better,” said Whitley.

Hislargemouthwascaughtat six feet with a Crankbait lure. Curtis Sanders did not fish in the Reel 30 Bass Trail event, but he did finish third on Saturday in the Winter Extreme Spotted Bass Series out of Highland Marina Resort.

Sanders caught 9.13 pounds of bass. He hooked into seven spots, and he had a game plan right from the start. Sanders always does.

“It was cool, but nice. I caught all seven of my bites,” said Sanders, the La-Grange angler.

He knew exactly where to catch the spotted bass on West Point Lake.

“I fished in 34 to 35 feet of water. The fish were moving out to deep water,” said Sanders.