Lafayette Christian School to Start Collaborative School and Collegiate Academy

The nature of education is changing and shifting each and every year. This is not a localized concept, but something that all educational institutions are dealing with on a grand scale. With modern advances and the ever growing technological world, these advancements in education are bringing waves of bright, intelligent students each year. Now more than ever, parents want to be involved with their children’s educations. One local institution, Lafayette Christian School, is at the forefront of a new movement. They will be offering two new schools under their banner where parents, teachers, and students will be on a more combined front to make sure that every child has the best possible education possible.

The first of these two new schools is the Lafayette Collaborative School, a program for elementary school students that aims to bring the parent and classroom closer together, giving these parents a more hands on approach with their student’s education. The school follows a collaborative model where the parent will become a co-teacher, with the student being in the classroom two or three days a week and at home with the parent for the other days. The school will provide the parent with the educational materials that they can use to follow along with the school’s curriculum. This falls in line with the school’s Statement of Faith and Education Philosophy and helps to bring the students and parents even closer together.

The second of the new schools caters to the middle and high school students and offers them a chance to better prepare for their future collegiate career or for their future in the workforce, all the while continuing to strengthen the parent-child relationship. This new Lafayette Collegiate Academy is best described as an “a la carte” style education, where students and parents select the best-suited “academically challenging and college- preparatory” courses. Parents will serve as guides and mentors for the students, as they have the option to select from between one and seven classes for their child. They can choose the classes that they feel their child needs the most when preparing for college. Students can even gain up to 60 college credit hours while in high school. LCS Headmaster John Cipolla has spent time traveling to different schools across the country that are involved in these new types of schools, and has helped prepare LCS for this leap into the future. “There are a lot of resources out there and this is really putting the ball in the parents’ court. That’s why we call it the collaborative school. It will be the school together with the parent as a co-teacher and also it’s collaborative in the learning style. It won’t be just lecture and worksheets and that kind of stuff. In the classroom it’s collaborative, and also at home it’s collaborative with the family as a unit.”

LCS will host an informational meeting at their campus on Monday, January 29th, at 7 pm where they will cover the details of the programs. They have much of their staff already selected for the programs and will be taking applications. The author of this article can be reached via email at jandrews@ troupcountynews. net.