The Season for March for Babies is Almost Here

The most precious gift that we can have in this life is our children. Babies are a gift and bring so much joy and love into all of our lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately life can be cruel and every year many babies are lost due to premature births and infant mortality. It is a sad, terrible part of life but there are organizations committed to fighting the war on premature births and every other cause of infant death. The March for Babies will once again return this summer but the kickoff party and luncheon is fast approaching and it’s time for us all to step up and get involved with this great cause.

On Friday, February 9th, the kick off lunch for the March for Babies campaign will be held at noon at the Callaway Conference Center at 220 Fort Drive here in LaGrange. Dr. Lacy Tumambing, the March for Babies Chair, and her team will be on hand to begin the program and officially open the season to raise awareness and start raising the funds that will go on to create life changing research. Every year this kickoff event gets bigger and bigger, with people preparing for the walk later this summer.

The March for Babies is sponsored by the March of Dimes, a charitable walking event held annually, with events taking place all across the Unites States. Beginning in 1970, it was the first ever walking charity in the United States and has raised over 2 billion dollars to date, all in the name of fighting premature births and infant mortality. It is an event that has a global reach and that helps raise these huge sums year after year. The event has become a huge happening in La-Grange as well, with many participants each year.

You can RSPV for the kickoff lunch all the way up until Wednesday, January 31st, by calling 706845-0708 are via email at cstarling@marchfordimes.org.

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