Behind the Mask Hits Record Breaking Numbers for Twin Cedars Fundraising

Behind the Mask Hits Record Breaking Numbers for Twin Cedars Fundraising

There was magic in the air that night. The rooftop patio of the Del’Avant event center was packed full of people on Saturday, January 27th, with everyone dressed to the nines. The ladies came through the door with their lavish ball gowns of green, gold, and a mixture of other bright colors. The men were well dressed and tailored. Many came in festive masks representing the spirit of Mardi Gras. Everyone on the roof was there not only for the food, the drinks, and the fun, but also for a cause that will help many children and families across Troup County. As the royal court gathered for the announcement of the king and queen, the full magnitude of the situation was felt, as the royal court helped raise money for Twin Cedars.

The sixth annual Behind the Mask event, a benefit and fundraiser for Twin Cedars, took place this past weekend to much fanfare and praise. Each year, a royal court of both men and women is selected, each member raising funds for Twin Cedars. The man and woman that raise the most money are crowned king and queen of Behind the Mask. There was a large court this year, with many people in the community hitting the ground running and collecting money for the cause. That night at Del’Avant, Mayor Jim Thornton read a proclamation announcing the king and queen, giving them temporary control of the city for the rest of the evening. This year’s king was Tyler McCoy and this year’s queen was Lucretia Silcox. With the rest of the royal court gathered around them, the king and queen were crowned before heading down into the ballroom for dinner and dancing.

This was a record breaking year for funds raised for Behind the Mask and Twin Cedars. The royal court alone this year raised over $75,644 for the cause. In addition, the combined ticket sales from the event and the bourbon tasting the night before brought in another $34,300. All together, the event helped raise over $100,000 for Twin Cedars. This year’s king Tyler McCoy raised an outstanding $22,500 and this year’s queen Lucretia Silcox raised an impressive $13,000. As the night began and the band performed, the king and queen made their way down the stairs, dancing through the aisles. Twin Cedars Executive Director Sheri Cody then introduced the rest of the royal court. The court then performed a dance number and with that, the night was set on fire in a blaze of purple, green, and gold.

Twin Cedars is a group that works in youth and family services. They bring together members of a community with their program to provide services for families in crisis. Some of their programs include child advocacy programs, working with CASA, foster care programs, prevention programs, and many others all aimed at helping young people and their families become healthy and whole. They are extremely active here in LaGrange and Troup County, providing programs that will change people lives. The money raised from the Behind the Mask event will help many that are in need throughout the course of the year and beyond.

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Tyler McCoy is crowned the king of Behind the Mask

The court performs a dance for everyone in attendance

Lucretia Silcox is crowned the queen of Behind The Mask

The ladies of the royal court

The men of the royal court