United Way Holds Citizens Review Event at the Active Life Center

There are so many kind and generous people in the world. Every day, people find new ways to help give back to those that are in need and those that require help in certain areas of their lives. For all the bad in the world, there are just as many goodhearted people that deeply, genuinely care about others. Such is the case with United Way here in LaGrange. Their members are dedicated to giving back to and making sure that the different agencies they help sponsor are always taken care of. This past Thursday afternoon, February 1st, the group held their citizens’ review meeting and began planning their site visits for the coming weeks.

The citizens’ review is a process that brings different donors and sponsors together and shows them what their money goes towards. Many tables and panels lined the Active Life Center. The members of each panel schedule site visits to sponsored agencies, seeing firsthand the ways that they are using their funds. The panels then begin to form budgets for these agencies to present to their panel chairpersons. These chairpersons form the allocation steering committee and they, the board members, decide upon the amount of funding each agency receives. These generous people are allowed a firsthand view of what they have contributed their time and money into.

United Way was founded in Denver, Colorado, and has been an institution since the late 1800s. They seek to improve lives by drawing communities together for a united goal and mission around the globe. They have built classrooms, trained workers in different fields, and continue to work constantly to better people. United Way helps support many agencies, providing funding from their fall fundraising efforts. Here locally, the team has made a huge impact on the lives of many, and will continue to do so in the years to come.