County Commissioners and Staff are Dedicated to Fixing Refuse Center and Trash Issues

With Troup County as a whole in a period of tremendous growth, leadership is stepping up in big ways, making sure that all community needs are met. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion across the community about the trash issues and the hours for the refuse centers. People have been coming in from outside the County to dump trash and these centers are not open enough during the day. The Troup County Board of Commissioners and the staff at the County are actively pursuing resolutions to these issues. New Assistant County Manager Eric Mosley met for an interview with Troup County News on this subject.

Mosley began by stating the issue in general and some of the changes that are being made. “The citizenship of Troup County is interested in us being more available for trash hall services. The County as a whole is obviously very interested in meeting their needs. I think that the thing that we are trying to promote to our citizenship is that we are willing to do that and we are going to do that. One of the ways we are doing it is by increasing our hours of operation. [People] will begin to see that starting Thursday, March 1st, there will be a huge increase in hours of operation. They’re going to see approximately 80% more hours open to the public which is huge. I think that after talking to the commissioners and staff, [we have found that] this is the largest increase we have seen in hours since the time where there were just green cans scattered all throughout the County. Since we have had a true refuse center, this is the greatest hours we have ever had.”

With this new process, Mosley touched on the people that would be handling this issue and what the first steps were to be. “We realize that the population in Troup County is growing, which is what we all desire, to see us flourish and in the end we hope this will begin to become the mainstay for us as a whole. The new hours primarily impact Oak Grove, Gray Hill, Reed Road, Abbotsford, Liberty Hill, Knott Road, Cattle Barn, Mobley Bridge, and Hillcrest. What we have done is restructure some of our departments. Shane Morris who was actually the warden’s C.I., oversees refuse service County wide. He has an employee who is the refuse supervisor. He has two part time employees and they are responsible for six centers apiece. They are going around during the day and checking on [if] they are operating efficiently, is the equipment in working order, is it clean, is it presentable, and [dealing with] security issues. Then we have a supervisor who is sort of a floater around those facilities.”

The new hours and new security measures will provide a huge asset to the citizens. “They will open on a stagger basis. Oak Grove will open at 6:15, Gray Hill at 6:30, Reed Road at 6:45, Abbotsford at 7, and then Liberty Hill opens at 7:15. The other individual will take care of Knott Road, Cattle Barn, Mobley Bridge, Hillcrest, and they will also be responsible for the larger one at Loyd-Tatum and the work camp. [Both] Loyd-Tatum and the work camp open Monday- Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm. Those facilities, unlike the others, have attendants there so if for some reason there is an individual who needs extra assistance in unloading their vehicle, they can go to those sites and they will have personnel there to help them with that.”

“I think the biggest thing we’re trying to promote to the public is that we are attempting to meet their requests by being open more hours, by being accessible, and providing better security. Another thing people will notice when they are there is that we are now filming all of those sights. There are actually cameras at all the sights. I know people are very concerned about people coming in from outside the County, from outside the State, and dumping in our facilities. When they come to those sites, we will be able to capture their tag number, be able to see what they’re hauling, and be able to keep those [people] more accountable. We know we have some things we want to accomplish and we want to accomplish them together moving forward.”

Lewis Davis, the County Commissioner for District 3, has been championing this issue in recent weeks and wanting to provide solutions to the problems. Davis stated that after the initial closure of the C.I., he and the rest of the commissioners were dedicated to making these centers more convenient at no extra cost. He also stated that he and the rest of the commissioners are excited for all of the changes here in Troup County, and that they hear the citizens concerns and are being active in providing change. Even though this is a work in progress that may require patience, Davis insists that he and the rest of the county commissioners and staff are always working and ready to listen to any concerned citizen.

In addition, the County, along with the city of La-Grange and several other partners, will be embarking on a new quest to provide educational material on this subject and these entities will be presenting a united front to make sure that these new rules and hours are monitored closely and that all of the citizens of Troup County are taken care of, especially in these growing years.

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