Robertson and Gyening Speak at Republican Meeting

The political season is almost upon us, with primaries for the state quickly approaching. As such, the different political parties are gearing up for hopeful seasons across the state. There are many state level elections that are heading our way soon and each of the parties is preparing by keeping their people informed about the issues and the politicians that are running during this cycle. This past Tuesday afternoon, February 6th, the Highland Country Club once again played host to a meeting of the Republican Party and The Republican Women. During this meeting, two hopefuls spoke about their upcoming runs for office, one for the senate and one for the house.

The first speaker that afternoon was 27 year old Columbus native, Christopher Gyening. Though young, Gyening has already accomplished much, such as graduating from Columbus State University in 2016 with his degree in military and global issues. He is also a member of the Georgia National Guard and has many more achievements to his name already. Gyening is running for the Georgia House in District 133, which covers some of Troup County as well as Harris and Muscogee counties. Gyening is running for the seat that is being vacated by John Pezold.

Gyening touched on a variety of different issues that afternoon, saying how deeply he loved his district and proving his dedication to keeping our district one of the best places in the state to do business. Gyening’s focus that afternoon touched on the growth of the film industry, the continued emphasis on career academies (stating how important jobs are in all fields), and the expansion of medical marijuana while being opposed to the drug for recreational use. Gyening stated that he would be a person who could effectively communicate between people of all ages and asked for the groups support in the primary on May 22nd of this year.

The other speaker that day was Randy Robertson, a former long time law enforcement officer, who is running for a spot on the State Senate in district 29. The seat Robertson is running for will be left open by Josh McKoon as he runs for Secretary of State. For over 30 years, Robertson served in law enforcement until his retirement from the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office in 2015. He worked in a variety of areas including narcotics and even as Director of Homeland Security for Columbus. He attended the Command College at Columbus State University and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has been involved in solving many issues over the years, both political and civil, and spoke to the republicans that afternoon on his bid for the senate seat.

Robertson claims that he brings a unique perspective to the senate and if elected, that it would make a total of one person in the senate with a background in law enforcement. Robertson spoke on his stances against poverty and crime, stating that after being involved with the school system all these years and seeing how some children behave that we need to give teachers back the power to control their classrooms and teach their kids. He also spoke about the damage he has seen with drugs and our youth. Robertson also spoke out on working with the state to leverage better funding on local levels for prison systems and work camps. Robertson stated that he will be a politician for the people and that everyone will have access to his cell for when he needs to be reached.

The Republican Party was lively and spirited that day, with a lot of questions for the two speakers. They asked many questions involving healthcare, the expansion of Medicaid, and various issues involving prisons costs and capital punishment. The group presented question after question even after the allotted time for the meeting. The Republican Party and the Republican Women have, for the past year, hosted joint meetings and alternate selecting the presentations. They meet the first Tuesday of each month at noon at the Highland Country Club. With their numbers steadily growing, they are always accepting new members and guests at their monthly functions.