The Porcelain Dolls Dancerettes are an Unbreakable Team

BRING IT! is entering its 5th season on Lifetime. Fans of the show know its high intensity, high talent dancers and amazing routines, but this season local fans will also get to see some familiar faces. The Porcelain Dolls Dancerettes from LaGrange, Georgia have secured a feature on the show. Their most recent competition on February 3rd took the Dancerettes to the semifinals in Nashville, Tennessee for the very first time. This competition would also be the girls’ television debut, as BRING IT! was there filming for its upcoming season.

The Porcelain Dolls is a local nonprofit majorette team. The 25-girl competition group ranges from ages 5-17 years old. The girls worked very hard to make it to the semifinals in Nashville. They had competed in several competitions before making their way to McDonough, Georgia. After succeeding in their competition in McDonough, they were very excited to know that they’d be a part of the filming in Nashville. The Porcelain Dolls placed in the top 10 out of the 24 teams competing at the semifinals.

The Porcelain Dolls practice at Favors Dance Studio, directed by Eve’lyn Favors and her two sisters. When asked about the team’s time in Nashville, Eve’lyn said, “The girls have been working very hard and they’ve been doing really hard work. We’re just glad they made it all the way to the semifinals. They had to meet people and teams they’d never seen before. They met the producers of the show. They were filming before 9 am and they weren’t done until 1 am. [The girls] were tired, but they were eager and they worked hard. If you set goals, you will achieve them – we tell all our girls that.”

Next for the Porcelain Dolls is their upcoming competition in Birmingham, Alabama on March 31st. The Porcelain Dolls is a team full of hard workers and strong spirits. With the direction of the Favors sisters and their coaches, the girls are sure to continue to succeed.