Troup County Native Robert Cox Finds Success with Sue’s Chic Café

There is nothing better than a success story. We all love it. What makes these success stories even better is when one of our own succeeds. LaGrange and Troup County are full of people that crave success and go out of their way to find it, with people from our area working all across the world and making a difference in the lives of many people. Because of the dedication and hard work of the people from our community, our area has continued to become one of the best places in the state of Georgia to do business. One local, Robert Cox, has found his own success story just a few minutes down the road in the Fairfax/Valley, Alabama area with Sue’s Chic Café where he is now the owner/operator of this incredible eatery.

Robert Cox is a LaGrange native, graduating from La-Grange High School in 2007. Even though Cox did not grow up with dreams of making it big in the food industry, working here in town for Tulla and Venucci started him on a new career path. In 2015, Cox moved to Valley, Alabama for a fresh start. After working in a factory for a while, Cox found that work to be not for him and once again returning to his restaurant roots, he took a position with Duke’s Backwater Supper Club and also with a wonderful eatery called Sue’s Chic Café. Last August, Cox received a call from the owners of Sue’s, asking if he would be interested in buying the business. After the paperwork was finished, Robert Cox was the owner of Sue’s Chic Café, taking ownership on January 2nd of this year. Cox stated that he is thankful to God for giving him this opportunity and that he hopes everyone will come out to eat at Sue’s.

Sue’s Chic Café is southern food and living at its finest. This country style café offers the best in southern home cooking with dishes including chicken dressing, country fried steak, chicken dumplings, fried chicken, green beans, rutabagas, friend okra, and so much more. Sue’s Chick Café is located at 1100 Boulevard in Valley and is open Tuesday-Friday from 7am to 4pm and on Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Their breakfast hours run from 7am to 11am. You can find them on Facebook at Sue’s Chick Café with the blue chicken logo where they regularly post their menu for the day.