Teachers Making F’s Draws a Huge Crowd to Raise Scholarship Funds

This past Thursday night, February 8th, was a fun and festive time at the Del’Avant event center in the heart of downtown LaGrange. The room was completely packed with educators and many other community members all waiting to see the most unusual fashion show. That night, it was time for the Troup County Teachers Making F’s, a faux pas fashion show to be accompanied by a silent auction all in the name of raising money for students and education. As the show prepared to kick off, the crowd was greeted to the most creative costumes of all time.

When the models started pouring down the stairs, the crowd was greeted to the delights of characters such as Pot Head (Kathy Hagler), Edgar Allen Hoe (Elaine McCook), Shooting Star (Sara Morman), Black Eyed Pea (Shane Frailey), Star Bucks (Carol Cain), and Hot Stuff (Tracy Ward). This was just a few of the models that were there that night, all dressed in crazy, zany outfits. From potting soil bags turned into dresses to t-shirts covered in chocolates and candies, there was everything that you could have imagined, and most things that you couldn’t. In addition, the silent auction had a plethora of items ranging from foods to baskets to decorations and more. This event was hosted by the Georgia Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa.

There was so much work and effort that went into this incredible event, an event that you can honestly say is unlike any other. The Master of Ceremonies was Dr. C.J. Tumambing, Jerry Parker DJ’ed the event, and Judy Neighbors served as the model coach. The brilliant mind of Kathy Hagler was on full display that night as well, with many of these ideas coming from her. That night People’s Choice Winner went to “Hot Stuff” Tracy Ward but in the end, everyone was a winner, especially the children of La-Grange and Troup County.