Ice Queen Freezes Sweetland On Ice

It’s well known around LaGrange and its neighboring cities that Sweetland Amphitheatre has brought people from all around to the area. With its concerts, events, and festivals, Sweetland has become a summertime hotspot, but the fun didn’t stop in the summer this year. Sweetland Amphitheatre is now the home of Sweetland On Ice, the local ice skating rink, and THE thing to do this winter season. Starting November 17th of 2017, visitors could come from all around to rent skates and carve up some ice at the all-weather rink. With just two weekends left for Sweetland On Ice, an extra special visitor came to meet the skaters last Friday.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle, everyone’s favorite Frozen queen, made sure the rink was nice and icy. Elsa met with the little ones for photos, along with the reindeer-loving Kristoff and the little snowman Olaf. After Elsa posed for pictures, she was ready to take to the ice, helping kiddies skate and creating happy memories for everyone at Sweetland On Ice.

There’s not much time left to enjoy the ice rink, as it has to be taken down to make room for the Amphitheatre’s spring and summer activities. Through February 19th, you can still enjoy the wintery fun.

Sweetland On Ice is open: Tuesday and Thursday 5pm-9pm.Friday 5pm-10pm. Saturday 11am-10pm. Sunday 1pm-8pm.

Admission is $10 for 2 hours of rink time and includes skate rental.