Rec Basketball Season Winds Down

Basketball players hit the courts this past Saturday at Mike Daniel Recreation Center in LaGrange. Parents and siblings filled the stands to cheer for their favorite players. There were several games that day. The 4/5 year old age group’s Eagles fought the Spartans and Huskies battled the Bulldogs. The 6/7 year old range’s Cleveland vs. Houston and Memphis vs. New York toughed it out as well. These age groups don’t keep score, but the competition was still alive that afternoon. The boys and girls fought for every bucket. Many of these kids are still learning the basics like dribbling and passing, but they’re honing the skills that they’ll need when they move up into the older age groups that keep score.

Some of the older players went head to head as well. The Bucks and the Thunder dueled for victory that afternoon. The eight year old boys worked their hardest to be team players, passing well and taking their coaches’ instructions during timeouts. Most importantly, each team was learning about basketball, about teamwork, and about sportsmanship. The clock kept ticking and the score stayed close. Finally, the Bucks were able to secure victory with a win of 9-7. Another group of 8 year olds met that afternoon to duke it out for a basketball victory. The Spurs and the Sixers were each teams to be reckoned with. The boys put their heart in the game, but the Sixers took the win with a score of 8-7.

Parents, friends, players, and coaches all enjoyed their Saturday at the Rec Center. It was a good day for basketball. This season is quickly winding to a close as the 5-8 year old teams only have one more game left on February 17th, and the 9-13 year old teams only have their tournament to complete.

Mike Daniel Recreation Center is located at 1220 Lafayette Parkway in La-Grange.