Renasant Bank Donates Funds to Habitat for Humanity

There are so many incredible things happening in and around our community. Organizations and individuals in LaGrange and Troup County are constantly finding new ways to give back and elevate others. Recently, one of LaGrange’s newest additions to the banking industry, Renasant Bank, collected money to donate to the local Habitat for Humanity. Through their creativity and sense of community togetherness, they were able to pull together and were recently able to donate a check to the organization.

Around the middle of last year, the team at Renasant decided that they would begin to raise funds for a local company that they wanted to make a contribution towards. After deciding upon Habitat for Humanity, the team found a fun way to go about raising the funds. For each last Friday of the month, the employees were given an option to wear jeans at a cost of five dollars. That five dollars was collected from all those participating and now, with 2018 here, they made their donation to Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization all across the country and the globe. They want to provide everyone with a space to live that will protect them and guide them towards a bright and positive future. People in need apply for the Habitat for Humanity housing application and are picked from a selection committee. There are volunteers all across the world that step up and go out of their way to help contribute in any way they can. Here locally, many citizens make use of the Habitat for Humanity Restore, a place that specializes in lightly used pieces. Every Wednesday and Saturday they have half priced items. They are located on 333 Main Street here in downtown LaGrange.