Troup County School System Announces Student Make-Up Day is March 9th

March 9th already marked as ‘Inclement Weather Day’ on school calendar

Last week when Principal Willie Cooks at Berta Weathersbee Elementary stood in front of a parent group and opened the floor for questions, only one was asked: Will the students have to make-up time missed due to weather.

Since the beginning of the school year, Troup County School System (TCSS) students and employees have missed six total days of instructional time due to inclement weather. Four of the six days were officially declared a ‘State of Emergency’ by Governor Nathan Deal’s office.

Now, the school system has announced that students will indeed make-up one day of school. That day is Friday, March 9th and it is listed on the published school calendar as an inclement weather makeup day.

In addition, TCSS employees will have to make up two missed days by submitting annual leave or documentation showing extended work time. Certified teachers will be scheduled for two days of professional learning after Memorial Day.

Dr. Cole Pugh, Superintendent of TCSS, said, “After much discussion, we have decided it is in the best interest of the students to use the Inclement Weather Make-Up Day for necessary student learning and instructional time.”

In addition the Georgia Department of Education will delay the TCSS Georgia Milestones test start date. “We have received notice that due to students missing instructional time because of weather, our Georgia Milestones start date will be delayed by one week. They will now begin on Monday, April 23rd. This allows time for our students to absorb more additional days of critical instruction before this assessment,” Pugh said.

More information on student and teacher make-up days include:

• March 9th – Student make-up day as stated per school calendar

• May 30th and May 31st – Certified teachers need to be present for two days of professional learning.

• Employees need to makeup two work days. They can do this by submitting documentation or annual leave. They can consult their principal or supervisor for more information.

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