Tyrone Poole and his 38 Foundation Host Father Daughter Dance

In this life, our relationships are one of the most important things that we have. We meet people either through birth or through our adventures in the world to find love and friendship and these people that we meet along the way helps shape us into the people we eventually become. These bonds are the strongest amongst families, with a love that knows no limits. The father-daughter relationship is extremely special and can truly make a huge difference in the lives of little girls as they grow, giving them examples of what a man should be and how he should act. This past Saturday night, February 10th, one local football hero with a desire to see our community thrive in new and exciting ways introduced a new program, a father-daughter dance, that helped local parents and their children grow closer together.

Tyrone Poole a native of LaGrange and a LaGrange High School football star, went on to become a two time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots. However, Poole has now found a new goal that is helping the LaGrange community find growth in new areas. Poole has started a new foundation, the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation, a nonprofit that he began to host various functions throughout the community. This past weekend his first event, the father-daughter dance, was held at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center and drew a large number of people. As Poole took the podium, he explained the importance behind events such as this and introduced some of his partners/ sponsors for that evening’s event. After this, the room was treated to a delicious dinner. There was a questionnaire portion of the night, with fathers and daughters asking each other various questions before the dance floor opened.

That evening, Poole explained the significance behind his 38 Foundation. In addition to being his football jersey number with the New England Patriots, Poole stated that the three represents the togetherness and the unity of the trinity and the eight standing for infinity, noting that his foundation will be here forever to help give back to the completeness of the community from which he is from. The foundation has events planned for each quarter, with a fatherson golf outing next on the list followed by a motherson activity and then a mother daughter activity. There will be many things in the future for the Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation.