West Point Murder Suspects Plead Guilty

Three suspects involved in the 2015 murder of Phillip Huguley pled guilty in Troup County Superior Court on Monday.

Gabriel Antonio “Tony” Love, Zaquan Labrenta Hargett, and Dontavious LeKeith Billingsley were arrested for various roles in the West Point shooting that killed the wheelchair bound Huguley.

Love, who is believed to be the shooter, was sentenced to life in prison for Murder. Hargett and Billingsley received lesser sentences. Hargett was sentenced to 20 years to serve eight years and Billingsley was sentenced 35 years to serve 18 years.

Billingsley received 20 years for Burglary and an additional 15 years probation for Aggravated Assault.

Hargett received the lightest sentence and was given 20 years for First Degree Burglary.

Huguley was found deceased in his home on May 9, 2015 after an apparent robbery. Police say he was shot and beaten.

Using a palm print and blood DNA left on a window at the victim’s home, police were able to connect Love to the incident. Billingsley’s fingerprints were also found at the scene.

Love and Billingsley were later arrested for the murder and Billingsley confessed to the incident.

Billingsley told police that they intended to simply rob Huguley and they broke in through a side window. Billingsley stated he boosted Love through the window and he and Hargett remained outside. They later fled the scene after hearing Love fire the gunshot.

Billingsley told authorities that he had been familiar with the victim and had borrowed money from him in the past.