Mr McCalla's sixth grade class presented their EV presentation to the Mayor and Council

Long Cane Middle School 6th Grade Class Speaks to Mayor and Council on Electric Charging Stations

The City Council of La-Grange had much to discuss at their previous work session this past Tuesday morning, February 13th, after the thaw out from the recent snow and the beginning of the New Year. After readjusting schedules and moving around some meetings, the group was back in session and is ready to kick 2018 into high gear. There were many presentations that morning, most of which were voted on later that evening at the City’s regular meeting, but there were also items of new business before the council at the work session. Recently, one of the 6th grade classes at Long Cane Middle School made a presentation for City Manager Meg Kelsey and on this afternoon, they made their way to City Hall to give that presentation to Mayor Jim Thornton and the LaGrange City Council.

Chris McCalla and his class at LCMS were hard at work recently when he posed them a question: what is the most significant invention over the past 100 years? There answer was the automobile. In that discussion, they began to work on a plan to have LaGrange incorporate more electric charging stations or EVs across the community. The kids were well prepared with research and even a marketing campaign for the project, including memes and social media hash tags. The thorough project was met by praise from the City Council and Mayor as they discussed it further. This will not be the last time this project is heard.

County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews was a special guest that morning for the meeting where he and Mayor Jim Thornton presented a united front against the recent hot button issue of littering across the community. Troup County, alongside all three cities, are presenting a united front against littering and have started many new campaigns that will soon start to take action in the coming weeks and months. Earlier that morning at the Chamber Early Bird Breakfast, the Mayor and the Chairman unveiled their new anti-littering video, a video that featured many of the community’s adorable children. While these projects will take some time to get off the ground, the community at large will begin to see a change in the littering situation sooner than later.

Scott Malone, President of the Development Authority of LaGrange, spoke next and gave an update to the beautification project scheduled for exit 13 at Whitesville Road. With the new addition of Great Wolf Lodge and the upcoming Georgia International Business Park, an over 10,000 acre park housing many international businesses and plants, the City wants to create an inviting space at exit 13 that is truly a standout for people driving through that area. Malone showed off some concept designs for the area that features boulders, beautiful plant life, and even the possibility of some standing rock formations. The new space will be an inviting corridor into the Great Wolf Lodge and the City of LaGrange.

The Mayor and Council touched on a few other points of new business, including an update on the highly publicized Plant Vogtle and their discussion topics for the retreat on Tuesday, March 27th. At he beginning of the meeting, the group took a closer look at their agenda preview for that night’s meeting. The annual public safety report for Chief Dekmar was scheduled for that night as well as delegations from the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Chattahoochee RiverKeeper. The group would also discuss a sign variance for Great Wolf Lodge and an intergovernmental agreement regarding some property, specifically the new parking deck, with the DDA. All of these items from the meeting will be discussed at length in another article here in Troup County News.