Man Charged for Fake Sexual Harassment Claims

Troup County Sheriff’s Investigators have arrested a LaGrange man for a misdemeanor obstruction of public officials charge after he allegedly conducted a hoax accusing a church leader of sexual impropriety.

In late January, Troup County Sheriff’s Investigators received information from William Chasten “Chase” Williams indicating that he received a text message from an unknown female asking for help. According to Williams at the time, the female had possibly been harassed and touched in a sexual manner by an adult leader who worked at a Troup County church over the summer.

Williams told investigators that he believed the female had contacted him due to the fact that he had previously worked at the same church approximately two years ago.

During the subsequent investigation, Sheriff’s Investigators determined that Williams had made the allegations up and that the incident never happened. Investigators were unable to pinpoint exactly why Williams made the false accusations.

As a result of the investigation, Williams, age 32, was arrested and booked into the Troup County Jail where he was charged with False Statements and Writings.

Williams has since been released from the Troup County Jail on $2,000 bond. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office would like to note that citizens should not be fearful of providing deputies or police with legitimate suspicions. Law enforcement receives inaccurate or unwarranted tips fairly regularly, but charges are only made when tipsters are determined to have committed an intentional hoax.

“We certainly want people to give us information on suspected crimes,” says Sheriff James Woodruff, “But when people knowingly provide false information they’re going to be charged.

If you have suspicions of any illegal activity, do not be fearful in relaying those legitimate concerns to law enforcement.