10 Years of Service to the City of Hogansville LaGrange Police Receive High Marks on Citizen Surveys, Input Encouraged

The LaGrange Police Department continues to receive high marks on its citizen surveys.

2017 LPD Citizen Survey The citizen surveys are attached to departmental case cards distributed by officers when they respond to calls for service.

224 Citizen Survey Cards were returned to the La-Grange Police Department in 2017.

In response to the question, “Was the police response timely?”97.3%responded they were very satisfied or satisfied.

In response to the question, “Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the LaGrange Police Department?” 97.1% responded they were very satisfied or satisfied.

In response to the question, “Are you satisfied with the officers’ attitudes and behavior?” 98.1% responded they were very satisfied or satisfied.

“We are very pleased with the response that we have received from the citizens,” said LPD Sgt. Karen Sanders.

“Although we have a high rate of very satisfied or satisfied responses, we still want to improve. We encourage all citizens to fill out their citizen surveys and return your feedback to us.” Anyone who is not satisfied will be contacted by a manager to help remedy the situation.

LaGrange Police responded to a total 52,000 calls for service in 2017.

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Congratulations to Hogansville Public Works Employee Willie Ringer (left) and Police Sgt. Jeffrey Sheppard (center) on their 10 years of service to the City of Hogansville. Both were recognized by the Mayor and Council at tonight’s bi-monthly meeting. Together, we can and will make a difference.